2013 Black Friday Protests


Occupy Naperville, Occupy Elgin, Illinois Light Brigade, Northern Illinois Jobs with Justice

Black Friday Protests

Join Northern Illinois Jobs with Justice, Occupy Naperville, Occupy Elgin and Fox Valley Citizens for Peace and Justice Thanksgiving evening protest at the Walmart store at Butterfield Road and Kirk Road at 7:00
The Overpass Light Brigade will join us but we need sign holders. The more people we have the better the message we can spell out. We need as many people who can attend so we have a good amount of light-holders. Please email if you will be able to attend.

Why Walmart? What about Target, Kmart, and all of the other low-wage retailers?

Walmart is  the biggest retailer in America and thus sets the standards for wages and prices.  They are also in complete denial about what they are doing to their associates. Other stores like Target and Kmart also follow that labor practices of low wages and part-time employees with no benefits or sick-time off.

Walmart alone has the size and industry clout to begin changing the climate, setting the retail industry and other employers on a higher-wage, higher-sales path.

Demos, a think-tank, wrote a report about how it is possible for Wal-Mart to increase wages for their lowest-paid employees. You can find it here. Important results of the study are that Walmart spent $7.6 billion last year to buy back shares of its own stock. The buybacks did nothing to boost Walmart’s productivity or bottom line. If these funds were redirected to Walmart’s low-wage workers, they would each see a raise of $5.83 an hour.

Thanksgiving Evening

7:00 PM – Aurora


Black Friday

Joliet at 8:00 AM: the store at 2424 W Jefferson St in Joliet

Elgin – 10:00 AM:  the store at 1100 S Randall Road in Elgin. (Two blocks South of Bowes Road.)


Montgomery – 12:00 PM the store at 2000 Orchard Road, Montgomery, IL (at the intersection of US 30 & Orchard Rd.)


Naperville – 1:30 PM: the store at 776 S. Rt. 59., Naperville, IL (Just north of US 34, South of New York St.)


Special Note: ATTENTION ALL Police, FBI, NSA and DHS employees who are coming to our protest either in uniform or undercover. Please remember we are NON-VIOLENT and PEACEFUL and do not want any trouble. PLEASE do not bring your violence to our cause.