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Saturday April 25th 2015 Clean Up the Great Western Trail

Starting at 9:00AM
As part of the Global Climate Convergence: Earth Day to May Day Mobilization 2015,  Occupy Naperville will join the Friends of the Great Western Trails in cooperation with The Illinois Prairie Path not-for-profit corporation (IPPc) to help clean up the Great Western Trail in DuPage County as part of the annual all volunteer trails cleanup on Saturday, April 25th.

Location: Meet at 9am where the Great Western Trail (GWT) crosses Swift Rd. (https:[email protected],-88.045082,16z).  This intersection is between St. Charles Rd. and North Ave.
Parking: Plenty of parking at the Southeast corner of the intersection.
Bring: gloves, shoes for wet grass/mud. Rain coat. Recommend that you wear long pants and long sleeves (to protect your arms and legs).  Will need to deposit all filled garbages at the trail head (Swift Rd. and GWT), hence the wheel barrow, so that they will be picked up by the county. Occupy Naperville will provide large plastic bags.
Rain or Shine, we will be there for Planet Earth.
Weather report: Showers. High near 46. Breezy, with an east wind 15 to 20 mph, with gusts as high as 30 mph. Chance of precipitation is 90%. New precipitation amounts between a half and three quarters of an inch possible.



The cornerstone of Obama’s economic policy is the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), which includes twelve countries throughout the Asia-Pacific region.
This back-room deal is a massive, supposed “free trade” agreement currently being negotiated in secret by more than 600 corporate lobbyists, government officials, foreign investors, and Wall Street bankers.
The TPP would grant multinational corporations extraordinary new powers to attack the laws we rely on to safeguard our families, businesses, food supply and neighborhoods.

  • The TPP will outsource MORE American jobs to foreign countries. Can you compete with workers from Vietnam? Brunei? Malaysia?
  • The TPP will allow multinational corporations to sue the U.S. government and American businesses in secret tribunals, outside of U.S. Courts.
  • The TPP will expand pharmaceutical monopoly protections and institute longer patents that will  decrease access to affordable medications.
  • The TPP will allow the import of foreign goods that do not meet U.S. safety standards.
    The TPP will rewrite Global Rules on Intellectual Property Enforcement endangering innovation and the future of the Internet.
  • The TPP is the largest trade deal in history affecting more than 40% of the global economy.
    The TPP puts PROFITS over PEOPLE.

We the People don’t actually know what’s in the TPP because Obama has classified the negotiations as secret. Congress is not even allowed to discuss or research the deal with staff.
And once signed and ratified by Congress—it’s permanent.

What Can You Do?

The single most important person in this fight is Sen. Wyden OR. He is pro-TPP, but has been under pressure not to support fast-track.  If he buckles, then it may fail!
He needs to hear your opposition to this destructive agreement.  By contrast, Sen Sherrod Brown OH needs our support for his opposition to the TPP.  Our own Sens. Durbin and Kirk also need to hear from you, as well as your U.S. Representative.

Contact Your Representatives:

President Obama: 202-456-1111
Sen. Wyden OR: 202-224-5244
Sen. Durbin IL: 202-224-2152
Sen. Kirk IL: 202-224-2854
Sen. Brown OH: 202-224-2315
House Switchboard: 202-224-3121

Learn More:


“[TPP] is nothing more than a taxpayer-funded handout to corporations… and would be a giant step backwards in the fight against climate change.” ~May Boeve, executive director

“Congress shouldn’t throw Americans under the bus by giving up its authority over this unprecedented giveaway to multinational corporations.” ~Murshed Zaheed, deputy political director for CREDO
“Secret negotiations on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a trade and investment agreement involving 12 nations of the Pacific Rim, are coming to a close, and President Barack Obama will soon submit the final agreement to the U.S. Congress for approval. Presumably, he will urge the deal’s passage with the same unsubstantiated and misleading claims his administration has offered all along that the TPP will support Made-in-America exports, enforce fundamental labor rights, promote strong environmental protection, and help small business. But a newly leaked document belies those claims. The Trans-Pacific Partnership’s text consists of a number of chapters, among the most important of which is the one on investments. On March 25, WikiLeaks released a confidential draft of that chapter dated January 20.

The draft contains instructions indicating that it will be declassified only “Four years from entry into force … or, if no agreement enters into force, four years from the close of the negotiations. ~David Korten, Yes magazine, The leaked text is full of dense legal jargon. But a close reading makes its corporate agenda crystal clear

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