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4th Anniversary Reunion Party


Join us for our 4th Anniversary Reunion
Sat Oct 17th 10-Noon.

Everybody who has ever been occupied with Occupy is cordially invited back for this BIG Day: our 4th Birthday Party! Meet us across from the Nichols Library along the Riverwalk at the Dandelion Fountain!

10-11am: The Peaceful Demonstration for the big Economic Justice issues. We have banners and signs (bring your own if you wish), a new song Vs the Trans Pacific Partnership, and some chants to share. Experience for yourself how passersby are giving “Honks of Support” and stopping to talk about the issues, occasionally joining us right there and then.

11-Noon. The Reunion Party during General Assembly. We’ll have Birthday Cake and cheer four years of championing progressive policies for economic, social and environmental justice – the rights and responsibilities of the 99%. We’ll review progress, report on on-going activities, and discuss creative ways to move forward.

Please reach out to activist acquaintances that you want to connect with here and now for this celebration. Email, phone, text – at least to the half dozen people you most want to see there! Bring a fellow advocate or activist colleague.

We hope that this 4th Anniversary event will be a happy opportunity for the early supporters, occasionals and stalwarts to gather, reconnect, catch up with one another. And it can provide added impetus to carry forward the solutions being advanced by the Occupy for Social Justice Movement that has spread from Wall Street to many corners of our country and our world. We persevere for the common good.