¡Close the SOA!

¡Close the SOA! Resist Empire & Militarization

Converge on Ft. Benning, GA As SOA Watch’s 25th anniversary Vigil approaches, we remain committed to converging at the gates of Fort Benning once again to remember the martyrs, and to denounce the continued SOA violence against our brothers and sisters in Latin America. Join thousands for a rally at Fort Benning, music and street theater, an immigrant prison protest, nonviolent direct action, concerts, films, workshops & more.
For more information call 202-234-3440

The School of the Americas (SOA) is a combat training school for Latin American soldiers, located at Fort Benning, Georgia. The school was founded in 1946 and from 1961 was assigned the specific goal of teaching “anti-communist counterinsurgency training,” a role which it would fulfill for the rest of the Cold War. SOA and WHINSEC graduates continue to surface in news reports regarding both current human rights cases and new reports.


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