Move To Amend

Move To amend

Occupy Naperville believes in amending the U.S. Constitution to clearly state that human rights are for human beings and not for corporations, unions or other artificial entities.

American political power is not with the people, it is with those wealthy enough to support politicians and influence legislation at all levels. Mega-Corporations and too-big-to-jail banks control government through lobbyists, campaign donations and Super-Pacs that funnel secret money into elections. If American society allows those few with the most money to decide the future for everyone else, we all lose.

Today our legal system considers Corporations, people and grants these corporations the same rights as living human-beings enumerated in the Bill of Rights. This legal privilege was given to corporations through several Supreme Court decisions, most recently Citizens United and McCutcheon/Republican National committee which now allow the wealthy to buy politicians with unlimited amounts of campaign spending.

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