Saturday September 19, 2015 ☮

Join Occupy Naperville at 1:00 PM for a short GA and then at the the Peace Pole Dedication Ceremony which starts at 2:00 PM this Saturday Sep. 19. Occupiers are going to join with the ThinkGlobal Arts Foundation for a special event, “Celebration of Peace 2015”, the Dedication Ceremony for Naperville’s Peace Pole.

Please tie something blue around your arm or wear something blue. We will gather around Carol Tritschler and Rev Tom Capo of the DuPage Unitarian Church near the right in front of the podium. All groups are invited.

A beautiful 8 foot tall Peace Pole made of brushed stainless steel has been installed at Veterans Park in Naperville. The design of the Pole was created by renowned artist Joel Selmeier, who says, “Doing work that benefits others, even if it pays poorly (or not at all) is inherently gratifying”. What a blessing to have had such a person design our Peace Pole!
The pole is laser inscribed with the words, “May peace prevail on earth,” displayed in 12 languages onto the six sides of the pole. The languages include English, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, French, Swahili, Russian, Tagalog, Hindi, German, Cherokee, and Japanese.

The installation and landscaping was accomplished in partnership with the Park District of Naperville, whose members have been outstanding in their support with planning and implementation of the Peace Pole project.

The Peace Pole symbolizes the oneness of humanity, our common wish for a world at peace, reminds us to think, speak, and act in the spirit of peace and harmony, and stands as a silent visual for ‘Peace to Prevail on Earth’. The Peace Pole and the surrounding garden will be a place for celebration, an enduring monument that speaks to the right of every individual to engage in free and equal community participation.  It is a symbol of our community’s commitment to neighborly inclusion embracing different races, faiths, traditions, and cultures.
The presence of the Peace Pole in Naperville provides a special place where we can celebrate peace, honor peacemakers, and motivate and encourage our citizens both young and old. The Peace Pole will serve as a constant reminder that peace is a powerful tool we can all use to spread happiness and goodwill throughout our communities.

Event:    Peace Pole Dedication Ceremony
Date:     Saturday, September 19, 2015
Time:     2 pm – 3:30 pm
Place:    Veterans Park
               303 East Gartner Road
               Naperville, Illinois 60540